Is this A safe way of getting a loan?

Yes, it is totally safe to get payday loans online. We collect your information and encrypt your data, we use the best technology to keep your data safe and secure. For further information on this topic visit our privacy policy page.

What if I have a bad credit score?

Some lenders verify the information from credit bureaus while others just check person is working and is not bankrupt. There are many other factors which we consider before giving approval. Bad credit score will not affect your application.

How much time will it take to approve?

Normally if everything is good then you will get approval in 5 minutes but if we find something wrong or false data in your application then your file will be rejected. The online approval rate is higher than store approval rates.

What if I am unable to pay back on the due date?

In this condition, you need to take quick action. Contact us before your due date to renew your loan. The procedure is simple and it only takes a few minutes but you have to give little extra fees in terms of interest as a renew fees. The amount will depend upon the amount of your loan and your current financial situation.

How many loans can one take at a time?

This totally depends on the lender some lenders only give one loan at a time to single person while others sanction two to three loans simultaneously. We also need to check the state law.

How much can I borrow from you?

It depends upon your application and proofs of regular income. For example, if you earn more money you will get a high amount of loan easily but if your monthly earnings are below the normal level you will get less amount of sanction loan.

Can I return money in small installment?

Yes, most lenders like to take money back in installments. Remember we are here to help you in cash emergencies. Contact us to make installment.

What about my information that I give to you?

We never share any piece of your personal information to anybody at any cost. You all documents and other data is safe behind our privacy policy.

How to apply?

Just go to our homepage and fill out the form when you are asked attach the necessary documents. We only need a photocopy of your documents only. No need to give us or show us your original papers. But please fill the correct information into the form to get the benefits.